New Release: Spirit of Restoration! - 15-05-2015

All new Spirit of Restoration NPC can now be acquired by all players to help them while they quest or run dungeons! Speak with Moses the Elder in all the main cities to get yours today!
No players to party with? NO PROBLEM!  Just take one of your Exodus Spirits out to help you fill the gap!
IMPORTANT: You must download the patch-4.mpq and put it in your World of Warcraft installation folder -> Data directory.

Exodus Update: 1.1.0:10 is now released! - 05-05-2015
The latest update from Trinitycore is now implemented on our server.
There is a scheduled maintenance today @ midnight which should last just a couple of minutes.
For more information on what has been fixed (and there is a LOT of instances and raids in this update) check Trinity Logs HERE

Exodus Launcher is Back! - 28-09-2014
Exodus Launcher is BACK!
Read all about it on the forum HERE

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