Exodus Rebirth! - 03-08-2023
​Hello Exodus!

It has been a long time! For those who don't know, we had a temporary powerdown in 2019 because we were moving the servers to another host.   and then...a pandemic happened...and well Ihonestly got super busy.

A few weeks ago, I got the wow nostalgia bug hit me and I decided to revive the server, mainly for myself as I really want to get rid of that wow itch.  However the old accounts are all intact and all characters should be working fine.....except the Exodus scripts....like the welcome quest, xp modifier etc.   Those will take me a little longer to implement, but I will eventually do it sooner rather than later.

Also, we now have a dicord server!  Join me and the rest of the community for some nostalgia chats or if you need any help ingame


The login is the same as before...so just pull your 3.3.5a WoTLK installation of WoW and jump in :) 

Hope to see you soon!

(Long Live Exodus)