Hello from the other side :) - 23-12-2017
Hello all!

It's been LOOOOOONG since I've posted here...you can guess that life has taken a lot of my time. Exodus Server is always running and always will be a home for anyone who wants in.  I have not updated the server core in a while but I am sure that I'll get to it soon enough.

I hope you are still enjoying the occasional "wow fix" from time to time and hope to talk to you on the forums or ingame soon!

Long Live Exodus
Since 2004

Server is back online! - 08-04-2016
It took a while but the server is finally online!

Sorry for delays!


Exodus Maintenance - Few hours only - 03-04-2016
Hello Everyone!

I am doing a little maintenance on the server for a few hours.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Check the news page for a status update as usual

Thank you!

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